Trendy color MP3 / MP4 player

If you're looking for the perfect CE gift, get the Trendy Color MP3 / MP4 Player. With its original and modern design, you will opt for a CE gift that will be useful on a daily basis.

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Offer this trendy colour MP3/MP4 player as a gift to your friends. CE gift to your employees and partners to show your gratitude on a daily basis. It is a practical employee gift to entertain professionals, both at work and at home. What's more, you can also personalise it to your taste.

An inexpensive and useful daily corporate gift

This company gift is indeed a device that serves the daily life of its user. Free time is the one thing missing in the life of a busy professional, so portable sources of entertainment are always very practical. This employee gift fulfils this purpose. And it doesn't cost much. So you can give it on any occasion: christmas employee giftYou can order them in large quantities without increasing your expenses. Moreover, you can order in large quantities without increasing your expenses. Finally, you can opt for a personalised CE gift to have a more original design.

A high-tech and practical employee gift

The trendy colour MP3/MP4 player has some very useful technological features. It can play MP3, AVE, WAV and FLAC music formats as well as AMV video formats. In addition, this CE gift comes with a 64GB micro SD card to hold a multitude of songs. The user does not risk clogging up his memory. Finally, its autonomy is of long duration to listen to the music anywhere and at any time of the day.

An easily customizable CE gift

For a more original design, you can personalise this company gift with your company logo. Indeed, you can put it on the back of this electronic gadget. Moreover, you can choose among different colours to better match the colour of your EC gift with the tone of your logo. You can choose between: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, black and grey.

Easy to control, support video / music / photos / Ebooks / Voice Recorder. Special built-in rechargeable battery for long periods of playing
Including 64GB Micro SD card, but no built-in memory, you can swap the Micro SD card randomly.
Connect the mp3 player to the PC via a USB cable to transfer music or video files. Simply copy and paste the mp3 files from your PC to the MP3 player.
Not only does it come with the MP3 player but it also has a USB cable, headphones and instruction. This product is provided by Btopllc, all rights reserved.

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