Gift this espelette pepper powder

The Espelette chilli powder CE gift is to be favoured by works councils who wish to find an out of the ordinary employee gift for this year. It is an original company committee gift that you can offer to your colleagues to show them that the company is proud to have them in the team.

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Spice up your professional relationships with colleagues, so share this kdo CE with the people who work with you every day. Show them that their efforts in developing the company have not gone unnoticed. Opt for this unique corporate gift to impress them.

A corporate committee gift extraordinary    

As a works council member, you should be aware that finding the perfect works council gift can be complex. It has to be high quality, useful, unique and surprising at the same time. The good news is that this Espelette chilli powder company gift meets all these criteria. So, don't hesitate to choose it to make your employees really happy. If you want an authentic and extraordinary CE gift, this one is made for you.

A corporate committee gift affordable and personalised

Thanks to Hightech Gifts, you will not have to empty your works council's coffers to be able to offer a quality gift to your company's staff. This gift to thank employee is offered to you at a very reasonable price. We also give you the opportunity to add your own logo or thoughtful text to the label to give you a personalised CE gift of the first choice. This way, each of your colleagues will think of the company's generosity every time they use the chilli.

A very good employee gift idea

The powder of Espelette pepper is highly regarded by spice lovers and enthusiasts for its fruity flavour in perfect balance with a warm, non-hot spiciness. This is an excellent alternative to pepper for everyday use to enhance the flavour of dishes such as schnitzel or fish fillets.

Thanks to its great flavour, Espelette chilli powder (AOC) is an excellent substitute for pepper, particularly in Basque cuisine where it is indispensable.

It can be used as a seasoning in preparations or as a decoration just before serving a schnitzel or a fish fillet.

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