Gift this black pepper sausage

Those fond of cold cuts will find their happiness with this superior quality black pepper sausage. It is a very good gift idea to give for Christmas or the end of the year. Indeed, this Corporate Committee Gift is timely for these memorable occasions.

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During the festive season, it is always a pleasure for works councils to receive a small Corporate Committee Gift. Generally, a gift is meant to thank and encourage employees. Thus, this product comes at the right time to seduce and delight its recipients.

A Works Council gift to tempt the palate

This sausage has been developed to meet the expectations of the most demanding palates. This pure pork dry sausage, flavoured with cracked black pepper, is therefore a pure delight, and those who receive it as a CE gift will not be disappointed. Such a works council gift will undoubtedly receive a lot of praise, and your company will follow this trend.

An employee gift as a thank you and motivation

To thank your employees for their efforts, the presentation of a company committee gift is appropriate. This will stem any frustrations that may arise if no recognition is given. With this company gift, your employees will feel that you care about them, and this will motivate them even more for the different objectives to be reached in the future. The role of a company gift will then be properly fulfilled.

A product to include in the works council gift catalogue

A product with such quality and appeal is well worth being a Christmas gift for your staff. It's a holiday where delicacies are in the spotlight, and this deli will have a prominent place. You can also print your logo on its label so that those who taste it will remember you. Remember that personalised CE gifts have a greater impact, and their recipients feel more grateful.

A pepper-flavoured sausage that will delight all delicatessen lovers

Discover new flavours for a fragrant tasting experience.

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