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Gift for this original raclette grill

If you want to offer an original CE gift to your works councils, opt for the original raclette grill. Its modern design and solid frame make it an ideal corporate committee gift idea that you can give to any occasion.

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A CE gift fun and useful is always better than a trivial thing at a low cost. Offer this original raclette grill to meet everyone's needs. What could be better than offering such a practical employee gift that will delight them every day?

An employee gift to please your works councils

Who doesn't like raclettes? Either way, it's something that appeals to everyone. This gift for coworker will appeal to your partners. It is a very practical and very user-friendly device. So think about offering it for all occasions whether for Christmas, the end of the year or for an inauguration. Plus, it's a cheap corporate committee gift that you can buy in bulk. And finally, as it can be used daily, this personalized CE gift will be practical to improve your visibility.

A high-tech CE gift for more practicality

This raclette grill is first of all composed of 6 cups to share with friends and family. Its plate is non-stick and can pass without clutter in the dishwasher. Its maintenance is therefore very easy after each use. This corporate committee gift has a metal backing which gives it great long term durability. And to top it off, its price is very affordable to be offered to your employees. Its design, practicality and functionality will satisfy them on all points. With its sleek design, it can easily be stored in a kitchen.

An original and customizable employee gift

If you want to add a personal touch to your corporate committee gift, decorate it with your company logo. You can put it on the lid so that it is in plain sight. Thus, other companies in relation with your collaborators could be interested in you. You can also choose different colors for the cups and the structure of this collaborator gift.

Moulinex is one of the international brands of the SEB group, essential in the field of small household appliances.

The removable aluminum plate is non-stick for easy use and cleaning.
Cord storage under the base for optimum space saving.

- Power: 850 watts.
- 6 cups with non-stick coating and thermoplastic handle.
- Thermoplastic base.
- On / off button with light indicator.

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