Gray metal portable external battery

How to move and gain the trust of your employees, customers or potential partners? What CE gift worthy of the name could strengthen your professional bonds? Offer a gray design external portable battery as a collaborator gift. This will surely surprise your targets and will boost your image.

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Turning to original works council gifts is the best way to best satisfy your employees. A personalized gift of quality which will know how to mark the spirits. This type of present is much more than a simple CE gift, it is also a mark of recognition.

Prestige company committee gift

If the goal is to develop the visibility of the company over the long term, it is therefore necessary to opt for a corporate committee gift quality. In other words, a strong, durable and attractive object. The resulting returns will be positive for society. This is a RANCE power bank, the perfect energy reserve for any trip. It adapts to Smartphones, iPhones and other USB devices. It is delivered with a cable with a micro-USB tip with a length of approximately 25 cm. This object incorporates a red LED for load control and a blue LED for function control. It is easy to use thanks to an on / off button and its 5V input / output power supply. Its recharge time is estimated at four hours with a capacity of 2200 mAh.

Cheap corporate committee gift

The market for cheap employee gifts is very dynamic with always new creations and features. So you will easily find a external portable battery design at a very affordable price in our catalog. We never stop creating innovative ideas that meet the needs and desires of as many consumers as possible.

Customizable CE gift in the image of the company

You have a wide choice of relevant solutions to promote your business. Among these solutions, you can offer a personalized CE gift from the best catalog on the market. This has the advantage of being customizable with your brand's logo, a slogan or even an advertising message. By personalizing your corporate committee gift, it will be easier for the recipient to remember your name.

Article data
Color : silver
Cut : 10 x 2 x 2 cm
Net weight : 0.079 kg
Gross weight : 0.106 kg
Carton weight : 5.30 kg / 10.60 kg
Packing : 50 / 100
Material : Aluminum
Native country : China
Sample : max. 5

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