Babyliss hair dryer

Do you plan to give your employees a captivating CE gift? Wear your choice on a Babyliss hair dryer. It has both elegant design and exceptional performance. This accessory will mark the spirits while enhancing the image of your company. It is an effective way to motivate your troops for better performance.

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This CE gift This prestigious gift will surely surprise your customers. This type of gift to thank your employees will ensure an impeccable image quality. As a high-tech product, it is one of the best communication tools for a company seeking sustainable development..

The reference CE gift: Babyliss hair dryer

This kind of corporate committee gift High-tech is currently very fashionable. Indeed, choosing a quality technological object is the best way to thank a business partner or to motivate your employees. This 66010DE is perfect for brushing and shining hair. Its professional AC motor, combined with the concentrator and diffuser, guarantees a professional result. A power of 2100 W and an air speed of 100 km/h ensure a fast and precise drying. In addition, it has six temperature and speed settings. These are perfectly adapted to the blow dryer for all hair types and hairstyles. And finally, it also has a cold air button to help set the style.

Personalised company gift

Whether it is to thank customers or to motivate and reward employees, this personalised high-tech CE gift made in the image of the company is an excellent way to make them look good. To make it look like the company's image, it is important to mark the object with the company's logo or name. This way, the message you wish to convey will be striking.

EC gift: choose a durable and solid product

To boost your visibility on the market, focus on quality products. This hair dryer has the advantage of being both durable and compact. Two essential elements to ensure optimal visibility. But also to be sure of the reliability and seriousness of your company.

Power, speeds and temperatures :
The professional AC motor, combined with the (ultra-fine) concentrator and diffuser, guarantees a professional result just like at the hairdresser's.
The power of 2100 watts and the air speed of 100 km/h give you a fast and precise drying.
It is equipped with 6 temperature/speed settings to perfectly adapt the blow dryer to your hair type and desired style.
It also has a cool air button to help set the style.

Ionic :
Thanks to the ionic function, your hair is soft, shiny and free of static electricity.

Practicality :
Its suspension ring is ideal for hanging in your bathroom so that it is always within reach. Moreover, thanks to its lightness, you can enjoy optimal use in total comfort!

Accessories :
For blow-drying, waving or drying hair quickly, the fine air concentrator (6 x 75 mm) concentrates the hot air stream to make your job easier.
The supplied diffuser is ideal for reviving the natural volume of the hair.

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