Bluetooth speaker

Are you looking for the perfect CE gift for your works council? Opt for a high-tech and useful employee gift: a Bluetooth speaker. It is a gift that will delight your employees both at the office and at home.

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Offer a CE gift that can be useful in the daily lives of your employees, whether at work or at home. Indeed, the Bluetooth speaker is a technological device that fulfils everyone's entertainment needs. What better way to give a CE gift that appeals at all times of the day?

A CE gift for everyday entertainment

This CE gift is a wise choice to satisfy your employees on a daily basis. Indeed, for a professional who spends most of his time at the office or on a work file, free time is always scarce. With this employee gift, a good working atmosphere is guaranteed thanks to auditory entertainment. It is therefore an object that can be used on a daily basis. You can give it away at any time of the year, as a gift to thank employee or a gift for an employee. Its modern design will suit everyone, and you can even personalise it as you wish.

A cheap, high-tech and original employee gift

TheBluetooth speaker has some really interesting high-tech features. First of all, the Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to play songs without the need for a cable or other hardware. In addition, this CE gift has plenty of power to cover a medium-sized room. It also has a modern and unique design that makes it stand out among other gift options. And last but not least, it's not expensive at all, so you won't be overcharging for it.

A CE gift that you can personalise

Brighten up your CE gift by opting for a personalised CE gift with your company logo that you can put on the body of the device for an even more original look. This will allow you to distinguish your products from those of other companies. You can also choose other colours: navy blue, purple, pink and white.

Dimensions Size : 7.5 cm
Net weight : 80g
Package contents 1 Xboy Xoopar Mini Bluetooth speaker + 1 charging cable included
Ultra compact speaker Mini Xboy Xoopar
Ultra-compact speaker (7.5 cm)
Mono speaker (3W)
Bright and musical atmosphere
Capture your best moments with its selfie remote control
Multi-LED light face
Charging via micro USB
Integrated wrist strap

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