Samsung home cinema set

Are you looking for an original CE gift to give to your followers? Purchase a Samsung Home Theater System. Ultra trendy and useful, you will quickly gain the respect of your employees. It is with this kind of works council gifts that you will enhance the image of your company.

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Far from CE gift classic like bags or pens, this high-tech object will surprise its recipient. Equipped with an innovative functionality, it will make an excellent reward gift to the most deserving. It is a strategic choice in terms of gifts to thank an employee.  

An exceptional CE gift: Samsung Home Cinema Set

Offering a device that allows you to listen to your favorite songs thoroughly is an interesting idea to best satisfy your employees. This HTJ4500 model offers you compact speakers to limit the clutter in the living room. These Design speakers fit easily into the living room and go wonderfully with any cinema installation. In addition, they offer 500 watts of sound to boost the mood of your movies. At the time of everything connected, the recipient will be more than moved to receive a corporate committee gift also striking and high-tech. This will make a nice end of year gift for your employees.

The ideal CE gift to strengthen professional ties

This device represents a reference company committee gift, because it offers unparalleled quality. Taking the time to choose the right gift shows your concern for your staff and thus earns their loyalty and respect. This is the kind of initiative that will take your notoriety to the top. In addition, a high-tech product shows that you are open to the technological trend and conveys a dynamic image of your company.

Personalized employee gift

Whatever your budget or the image you want to return, thehome theater set is customizable according to your style and preference. Many sites specializing in CE gifts offer different types of marking, but also a wide choice of personalized CE gifts at cheap prices. Take the opportunity to optimize your communication strategy while motivating your employees.

This 5.1 system offers a very present low frequency, making you live every second of your films, thanks in particular to the Power Bass mode. The spatialization of the sound reinforces your immersion in the sound universe of the cinema by locating precisely where each sound comes from. The player also supports various Dolby and DTS formats to give you a balanced and precise sound.

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