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This bottle is surprising both in terms of its appearance and its content. This is a Rozy Collection wine that will impress your employees as a Corporate Committee Gift. It will be an eccentric CE gift, but one that will appeal to all of your employees who will have the chance to receive it.

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Hightech Gifts never ceases to amaze you with out-of-the-ordinary employee gifts. This provocative looking bottle can be transformed into a charming Corporate Committee Gift. He shows that he knows the customised EC gift sector very well, by recommending this unique wine to you.

A Corporate Committee Gift like no other

The immediate attraction of this Corporate Gift is its appearance, which clearly displays underwear, making the bottle look like a woman. The idea is original, and the product stands out from CE gifts classic. Works councils may be surprised to receive it, but they will also be impressed by it. They will remember your gesture for a long time.

A works council gift that also tastes great

Beyond its external appearance, this Corporate Committee Gift is also delicious in the mouth. Its producer, Vignobles Dom Brial, uses Muscat petits grains and Syrah grapes for its production. This results in a Brial wine collection smooth and lively in the mouth, punctuated by a floral and fruity aroma. This will be a great corporate gift that will get people talking about your company, especially when the recipients taste it with their loved ones.

A gift to thank employees for special occasions

An employee gift is usually given for the festive periods of Christmas and the end of the year. However, this special employee gift is also suitable for thanking employees who have achieved a particular goal. Various other occasions can also be accommodated, such as promotions, assignments or anniversaries. This company gift will be a source of motivation to work even harder and a sign of recognition for services already rendered.

Vintage : 2017
Grape variety Muscat petits grains, Syrah
Tastes Rosé d'apéritif
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye Very pale pink colour with purple tints.
At nose Intense fruity nose. Aromas of small red fruits, exotic fruits. Floral.
In mouth Lively and unctuous on the palate.
Operating temperature : 8-10 ° C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings Aperitif, Cold cuts, Shellfish, Barbecue

A new generation of cooperative wineries: "together we are stronger". This is the motto of these Languedoc winegrowers. Launched in a reasoned and even "sustainable" culture, the Dom Brial winery has been able to offer wines that correspond perfectly to the expectations of consumers. From white wines to red wines, including sweet wines, everything is there to seduce you, including the price! Wines you need to know!

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