Inflatable globe 28 cm

As a business gift, an inflatable globe can be very suitable. It will allow the user to locate a country or an ocean quickly, which will save precious time when searching. It can be a great corporate gift, while not costing too much.

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Find a Business Gifts The choice of a business gift is not always easy, as it has to be useful. In the case of this globe, it can meet this criterion, as the managers of an organisation may need to find a place quickly. You can also showcase your company by personalising it.

A Business Gift with many uses

This business gift has the particularity of being useful for both adults and children. It can be placed in an office to make it easier to find places when needed, or given to children for their studies and knowledge. The inflatable nature of this Business Gift means that it can be easily taken anywhere. It is therefore a business gift that can be used by clients, but also by their children.

How to personalise this business gift?

It is always better to offer personalised business gifts so that the objects in question remind their users of where they come from. This inflatable business gift already has a lot of inscriptions, but you can still have a small logo printed on the empty parts such as the oceans, or accompany it with a small card. This way, your business gift will have a mark of your identity.

Business gifts for good visibility

Business gifts can help you build a good public image for your company. These gifts will be used by the recipients, and will also be seen by many people who may also become your customers. A gift holidays The main purpose of a gift is to thank your partners, but also to attract new ones. It is therefore important to know the right objects to offer, as well as the right recipients.

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Color : transparent
Cut : approx. Ø28 cm

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