Honey Dandelion festive gourmet snack

A good snack is on the program! This End of Year Corporate Gift promises to be a delight for young and old. As the holiday season approaches, it is normal for your company to be concerned about the nature of the corporate gift for employees.

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The Sauveterre house offers you dandelion honey at a low price on Cadeaux Hightech. It perfectly meets the criteria of an End Of Year Company Gift. Indeed, it is an original corporate gift of great quality, very useful during the holiday season and particularly tasty.

End Of Year Gifts: multiple choices are needed

At the end of the year, employers and employees are all busy with work and preparations for the holidays. The famous End Of Year Company Gift must also be taken into consideration. The company manager has several alternatives: a personalised corporate gift, a gourmet basket, chocolate, a gift box and many others. Cadeaux Hightech, your corporate gift wholesaler, offers you a very tasty item: a jar of Dandelion honey from Sauveterre.

An original and tasty corporate gift idea

Adopt a gift to thank employee Dandelion honey is a unique, festive gourmet snack. This rare variety is an artisanal product that is not widely available and is always cold extracted. This corporate gift has a delicate and discreet flavour with a slight bitter aftertaste that comes from the flowers. Its beautiful golden yellow colour and sweet fragrance make it an ideal end-of-year gift to invite to the table at Christmas.

A cheap corporate gift to be enjoyed in a thousand and one ways

Place your order and feel free to personalise your business gifts on Cadeaux Hightech. This dandelion honey proposed by Sauveterre will sublimate your dishes. This magic ingredient will bring a sweet and sour effect to your meat recipes. It will give a touch of sweetness to your desserts and will be perfect spread on pancakes. It can also sweeten a cup of tea or dairy products.

The beekeeper, respectful of the environment and the land, produces a traditional honey, always cold extracted.

The colour, a beautiful golden yellow, is one of the strong points of this dandelion honey. Its flavour, quite sweet in the mouth, is another. The persistent taste of the flowers gives it a very discreet bitterness.

Unique and relatively uncommon, this honey will bring sunshine and character to your kitchen.

Its colour and fragrance are perfect on a pancake or waffle.

You can also use it to sweeten your drinks - teas, herbal teas - or your dairy products - white cheeses, yoghurts...

Like all honeys, this dandelion nectar can also be used in cooking, for all your sweet and sour recipes.

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