Forest honey pure nectar

This honey is very special compared to other varieties, as it is a mixture of several nectars and honeydews. It comes from the forest of the Puy-de-Dôme, and can be an exceptional CE gift. Those who will receive this CE gift will be flattered by this attention which will go straight to their heart.

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As a CE giftThis exceptional honey is in a class of its own. Indeed, it is a corporate gift that can be enjoyed for its taste and flavour, but can also be used as a natural medicine. The recipients will be flattered to receive it, and they will carry your company in their hearts.

A much sought-after EC Gift

A CE gift must be surprising to impress the recipients and become memorable. This product of a rare variety is well suited to this purpose, with its smooth taste and woody aroma. It makes a remarkable CE Gift, given its exclusivity. In addition, those who receive it as a gift to thank employee It can be used for a variety of purposes, for a sandwich, as an accompaniment to hot drinks, or as a remedy for respiratory problems.

A good idea for an employee Christmas gift

For the Christmas holidays, employee gifts must be well prepared for a smooth and timely distribution. With this product, the idea is already wonderful, and all that remains is the implementation. It should be noted that this forest honey is well suited for Christmas, given its sweet nature which rhymes with the sweets to be enjoyed during this holiday.

A product to enrich the works council gift catalogue

To reward works councils for their services, an employee gift given from time to time is a good initiative. However, it is important to vary the products to avoid problems and to reinforce motivation. This EC Gift can then be integrated into the catalogue, with a touch of personalisation, for even more effect. Personalised company gifts are always more appreciated.

This forest honey has a delicate aroma with woody and sweet notes.
Beyond its gustatory qualities, forest honey is also recognised for its medicinal benefits. In particular, it acts as a natural antiseptic for the respiratory tract.

Take your spoons and enjoy!

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