Fragrant gourmet Aubrac flower honey

This all-flower honey from Aubrac is a selection of the best products from the region's beekeepers. For a corporate gift idea at the end of the year, it is perfectly suited. It will therefore be an excellent End-of-Year Company Gift that will delight your partners and their loved ones.

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Honey is a noble product that can have many uses. As a that Company End of Year Gift, it will live up to the expectations of your partners. You can also turn it into a personalised corporate gift, so that the recipients will remember your company.

A corporate gift for many purposes

This exceptional product is extraordinarily fine, soft, smooth and creamy at the same time as having an aromatic and gourmet taste. With all these qualities, this corporate gift can be enjoyed on its own, as a spread or as an ingredient in gourmet dishes. It is therefore a original business gift which can satisfy both gourmets and gourmands.

An original end of year business gift that will please

This honey is very well suited to the occasion. With the holidays, many people prepare unusual dishes for their families, and this corporate gift can be one of the useful ingredients. Since the end of the year is one of the most important times for business gifts, you can take advantage of this opportunity to entice your partners with this quality product.

A company gift for your image

One of the purposes of corporate gifts is to improve the image of the company in the public eye. This is why a personalised corporate gift is the most suitable. With your references or your logo on the corporate gift, you will be visible to many people and in many places. You can thus positively maintain your image and reputation, for your own good.

Produced by bees during the month of June, at an altitude of 1300 m, on the edge of the Aubrac plateau, it offers all the sweetness of the nectars of the flowers of natural meadows.

Tasting notes This old gold coloured honey has a fine crystallisation which gives it a creamy and unctuous texture without being brittle. If its finish is very soft, it shows a nice aromatic fullness in the mouth and a buttery and greedy nose.

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