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Green bluetooth keychain

Are you on a fairly tight budget, but still want to give a state-of-the-art gadget as a CE gift? Go for this Bluetooth keychain. This connected key fob is easily located in the event of loss. It's a good employee gift idea that will inevitably fit into your budget.

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Why make it complicated when it can be simple ? With this connected keyring shown in note corporate committee gift catalog, the question is quickly settled. Simple, inexpensive, and yet so practical, it is an inexpensive corporate committee gift, but it will nevertheless be very successful.  

Opt for an inexpensive but practical CE gift

The corporate committee gift is often intended to be offered to all of your staff. To respect your budget and at the same time please your employees, think about this connected keychain. This electronic gadget won't cost you a lot, and yet it has it all. It differs from classic key chains in that it has Bluetooth connectivity. It is thus possible to track where it is, making it easier to locate it in the event of loss. It is also equipped with an alarm that can be activated via the Smartphone, to better find it within a radius of 25 meters. It's a very practical employee gift.

A high quality CE gift

Their affordable price does not mean that these employee gifts are of lower quality! Quite the contrary! This bluetooth keychain works with a battery, which is already supplied. It is directly ready for use. The recipient will be able to use it immediately upon receipt of the gift. This battery justifies an autonomy of six months in standby mode, which is more than correct! The other advantage of this gift for works councils is that it is very compact and takes up very little space. With a dimension of 52x31x11 mm and a weight of 8 grams, it goes almost unnoticed.

A customizable gift to thank customer

This CE gift is available in black, white, green, pink or blue. It's up to you to choose the color that best matches your colors. If you want to give a personalized CE gift, you can embellish it with a logo, slogan, or any other message you want.

Features :

Two-way audio loss alarm
Location history on map (loss of signal) - Selfie camera remote control

Download the free iTracing application from Apple Store or Google Play.
1- Activate the Bluetooth mode of your smartphone and launch the application

2- Press the button to activate your tracker

3- Add a new tracker from the iTracing application

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