Senior silver sport keyring

Giving a keychain as a corporate gift, isn't that too trivial, you might say? Not necessarily. The whole point is to offer a high quality object like this senior silver sport keychain. It's a simple, but so effective end of year corporate gift. It will allow you to earn points with your customers.

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Do you want to give a good quality high tech corporate gift, but not too expensive to stay within your budget? You are making the right choice by opting for this silver senior sports key ring as a original corporate gift. Its advantage? The ability to customise it according to your wishes.

Connected key ring, for a high tech end of year corporate gift

Do you want to convey an image of a modern and innovative company? You are well advised to offer this sport key ring as a corporate gift. This gadget integrates a GPS tracker that allows the key ring to be located in real time, with an accuracy of 3 metres. The user is free to set security zones, which is useful for preventing the loss of attached items. It is a corporate gift which will certainly allow you to stand out from your competitors.

A reliable corporate gift

This senior sport key ring is a state-of-the-art gadget. It can be easily located with a map, compass or augmented reality. The SOS button with telephone function makes it even easier to find lost items. Another advantage of this type of business gift is that it is quite compact. With a size of 6.5x4x1.8 cm and a weight of 55 g, it can easily fit in a pocket or bag. If you want to give a designer business gift that will go everywhere with the recipient, this key ring is an excellent choice.

A corporate gift personalised with your company's colours

Do you want a corporate gift that will remind everyone of your company? This gadget is still an excellent choice. You can have a logo, an image or a small message printed on it. By offering this kind of personalised corporate gift, you are giving pleasure while improving the visibility of your company, so why hesitate? Finally, you can define security zones; when it arrives or leaves or leaves these zones, you are warned. Weenect Silver has an SOS button with phone function, has no distance limit and comes with its own water resistant protective pouch. One of our best key rings.

The beacons are sold with a SIM card included and 1 month of use free. 6.5 x 4 x 1.8 cm
Net weight: 55.00 g

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