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4 GB Key metal USB stick

Elegant USB key in the shape of a key! Stainless steel design. It's a high tech promotional item at a low price!

Luxury gift wrapping possible on request. Marking: engraving or screen printing on one side.

Public price  7 . 84  From  6 . 19 


This promotional item is a very original medium thanks to its key shape and will delight your customers with its chic colours. As it is ultra thin, it is part of a varied and attractive range that can be easily carried everywhere.



Promotional item: the personalised USB key

The USB flash drive is an excellent way to communicate your company's image. The printing of your logo on a USB flash drive is an advertising object that will seduce your customers or partners. It will facilitate your exchanges and allow the transfer of secure data internally or with your network's customers. Offering it as a promotional gift will allow your employees, collaborators or clients to get to know your company thanks to a branding service with your company's logo.

usb key logo gift this companyA computer accessory: the must-have promotional item 

This promotional USB stick is a corporate gift practical and useful. Its modern metal design, beautiful finish and high quality guarantee reliable and long-lasting use. As it is cap-less, it fits easily on any key ring. Moreover, it is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof.

usb key logo gift this companyA promotional item that reflects your company's image

With the printing of your company's slogan, your new secure website https:// or your contact information, you are sure to offer a useful and personalised corporate gift, in order to ensure the visibility of your company (small and medium-sized businesses, large accounts, administrations, institutions, shops).

Do you want to communicate, develop your turnover or ensure your company's notoriety? This USB flash drive is a high-tech promotional item that will suit you perfectly, with a capacity of 4 GB and compatible with all interfaces available on the market: Windows XP / Vista / 7, 10, OS / Linux2.4

Color : Silver
Weight: 8g
Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.2 x 0.3 cm

The available marking modes: 

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Diverse and remarkable personalised goodies

At first glance, a goodie is considered as an object offered by a brand to its prospects or customers. This gesture of attention is intended not only to highlight the company's image, but also to gently leave a mark on the minds of the lucky recipients. Personalised goodies are therefore personalised promotional items that can be given to customers, business partners or employees. There are several products that can be used as personalised goodies. These gifts are offered in companies to firstly reward business partners and secondly, to enhance the company's image. What types of personalised goodies can be offered to partners or employees? Also, do they require exorbitant expenses?

Range of customisable goodies for everyone

Personalised goodies can also be pens, umbrellas, key rings, conference folders, shopping bags, connected object speakers and many more. The accessories section for phones, computers and lighters, USB keyThis is why we talk about personalised goodies. As mentioned above, the aim here is to make your company known in a natural way, which is why we talk about personalised goodies.

How to customize a High Tech product?

By writing the name of the recipient on the object, for example, the gift becomes more personal. Personalised goodies can be a mug or cups. On these items you can put your company logo or signature. This makes you known to the public. In other words, you are advertising your business without spending a fortune.

To customize a High Tech product with our different markingsOnce all this information has been clearly defined, all that remains is to choose from the range of personalised goodies available to you, the ones that best meet your expectations. Once all this information is clearly defined, all that remains is to choose from the range of personalised goodies available to you, those that best meet your expectations. However, don't think that these products are unaffordable, because all our products are at affordable prices.

Whether it's water bottles, kitchen aprons, plastic tokens, clocks and more, all these items as well as high-tech products can be personalised. Opt for high quality and durable personalised goodies. You will make people happy in your company by offering personalised goodies at prices that defy all competition.