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Twister USB stick 4 GB colors

Purchase this 4 GB color Twister USB key if you are looking for a business gift. The frame is an alloy of plastic and metal, providing a pleasing texture to this premium corporate gift.

Possibility to mark the removable part with your logo or a small personalized message.

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As a must-have accessory in the business world, offer this 4GB USB Twister Colours as a corporate gift to all your business partners. What could be more appropriate than a corporate gift to remind them of your existence on a daily basis? Especially since you can personalise it!

A high-tech corporate gift: a USB stick

In the age of technology, owning a USB flash drive has become a necessity, especially in the business world. With its large storage capacity, it can hold a lot of data and can be carried anywhere, thanks to its small size. You can offer this 4GB coloured Twister USB flash drive as a gift for businessThis is a great way to remind all your business partners of your company. You have the possibility to mark the removable cap with your logo.

With a corporate USB flash drive, give to seduce

Choosing a promotional item as a business gift is a very wise choice. The gesture may seem insignificant, but this attention will already mark the annals of your partnership with your customers or partners. Secondly, this advertising usb stick Twister 4GB Colours is not just a piece of junk, because every self-respecting professional uses it to exchange or transfer data in the working world. By making this gift, your seduction operation will be totally successful.

Colours according to your wishes for this original personalised corporate gift

No more dull, colourless goodies with no personality. With this Twister corporate gift USB flash drive, you're spoilt for choice. While the removable hood is made of metal, the plastic body is available in a variety of colours: black, blue, white, red, yellow, orange, green, pink. You can choose a colour to match your logo or the commercial product you are promoting.