Black Logitech tablet keyboard

Your year of exercise ended on a positive note and you want to thank your employees for what they have done? Give them a CE gift that will come in handy on a daily basis like this tablet keyboard from Logitech. Don't forget to embellish it with your company logo, slogan or name, to make it a truly unique corporate committee gift.

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The best way to show your appreciation to your employees is to offer them a idea CE gift that speaks to them. This tablet keyboard falls into this category. It is one of the most important high-tech accessories of the moment and will make an excellent gift for a colleague.

Logitech keyboard: the perfect employee Christmas gift

Logitech is a leading brand in the field of new technologies. Offering a Logitech keyboard as an EC gift is a wise choice. You will only accentuate your image as a reliable and serious company to your employees. The real bonus of this Bluetooth keyboard is that it can control several devices at the same time. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows it to pair with a computer, tablet and smartphone all at once. A switch makes it easy to control the different devices. In every respect, it is the gift to thank employee ideal!

An inexpensive but effective corporate gift

This Logitech tablet keyboard is a sign that you don't always have to spend a lot of money to give a good quality works council gift. It doesn't cost very much, yet there is nothing wrong with the quality. It has a housing covered with a non-slip material, making it easier to hold the smartphone or tablet. The buttons have been arranged to make it easy to hold, regardless of the device being used. Each key can also change function to better meet the needs of the moment. As you can see, this is a collaborative gift that can only seduce the recipient.

A little personalization for a unique CE gift

To complete this gift, consider inscribing your logo, your name or any other special message you wish to highlight. You will have a CE gift that is personalised with your colours and that will help you to promote your company.


iPad iPhone Android iOS bluetooth keyboard
It is now common to have a laptop, a desktop computer and a tablet or smartphone.

Some business areas require the use of these devices simultaneously. Logitech has created a keyboard with which you can control up to three devices alternately. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, pair your smartphone, computer and smartphone on a different channel all at once. A switch lets you take control of your devices and switch between them with a simple twist.

A housing with a non-slip material keeps your smartphone and tablet in place.


Android samsung bluetooth keyboard
This new type of keyboard, compatible with a Windows PC, Apple computer, iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, will revolutionise the way you work.

Imagine sitting at your desk with your laptop, smartphone and tablet in front of you. A large integrated keyboard stand keeps your smartphone and tablet at the perfect angle for ideal reading comfort.

While you're writing an email using the Logitech K480 keyboard on your tablet, your smartphone alerts you to an incoming text message. A simple flip of the switch to position 2 and you respond to that text message using the Logitech K480.

Do you have an essential file on your computer? Switch to position 3, without taking your fingers off the K480, you control your computer instantly.

As you can see, the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard is a simple and effective product.


Logitech PC windows MAC keyboard
Did you know that the keyboard on an Apple computer does not have the same key layout as a keyboard for a Windows computer? Logitech knows this, so the K 480 keyboard has been designed to fit all systems.

Depending on whether you're controlling a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, each key on the Logitech K 480 will change function to match the capabilities of the device you're using.

The layout of the keys makes the Logitech K480 easy to use in any situation. Its compact size also means you can take it anywhere you go.

Running on two AAA batteries (pre-installed), there's no need to wait for a recharge to use it, just change the batteries and get back to work. The Logitech Bluetooth K480 is the universal keyboard you need if you want to use all your devices at once!

Logitech PC windows MAC keyboard

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