Orange connected keychain

Did you know that a person spends about 1.5 hours of their time per month looking for things or a pet? If you run out of ideas for your next customer gift, consider giving this connected keychain. Simple, but effective, it's the perfect gift to build customer loyalty.

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You do not yet know the personal taste of your customer, and you want to offer customer gifts end of the year cheap without taking any risk? This smart keychain is a great choice. This is the kind of customer gift that can only please the one who will receive it. You can be sure that you don't offend anyone!

A customer gift that will meet everyone's needs

The best customer gift you could give to your various customers is something they can use every day. It is for this reason that this keychain presents an excellent christmas customer gift. Design and light, it can be taken anywhere, but this is not its only asset. Equipped with a Bluetooth connection, it allows you to geolocate the key fob and the objects attached to it using GPS coordinates. It also allows you to ring the smartphone through this keychain. Thanks to the electronic leash function, it is also possible to put the various objects attached to this key fob under close surveillance, which makes it possible to anticipate the loss of business. With all its qualities, this kind of business gifts can only please.

A customer gift made in France

The company gift will also allow you to convey a good image of your company. It is for this reason that this connected keychain presents itself as a great choice as a customer gift. It is entirely made in France, using top quality materials. Its brushed metal case and gold-colored antenna ensure great robustness.

A personalized customer gift for maximum effect

A personalized customer gift has a better effect than a classic gift. By opting for this electronic gadget, you are again making an excellent choice. It is quite possible to personalize it in the colors of your company. This will make it easier for you to promote your company's image.

Key chains have 4 main functions :

Ringing & Radar: Ring the key fob to find your object as quickly as possible, after you have got as close as possible to it using the GPS coordinates.
Reverse ringtone: If you've lost your smartphone, press your key ring to make it ring.
Electronic leash: You can activate the electronic leash mode to be alerted when your object moves away from your smartphone. This way you can put your items under high surveillance to prevent them from getting lost.

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