Lot 3 duck foie gras

Receiving a jar of foie gras as a corporate end-of-year gift is already wonderful, but a set of 3 jars is even more gratifying. You can make a lot of people happy by turning this product into a Corporate End-of-Year Gift.  In addition, it is a product of great standing.

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This pure duck foie gras delivered in a set of 3 will be a end of year company gift splendid. It is a corporate end-of-year gift idea that will delight the luckiest recipients. You can also benefit your business with free advertising by personalizing it.

A classic corporate gift, but one that impresses

Giving great food as a corporate end-of-year gift is quite common. However, this product remains a original business gift, given its great quality and quantity out of the ordinary. It has a very subtle taste enhanced by spices, as well as a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It is a corporate gift that can be spread on toast, and be shared with family or friends for a festive atmosphere.

A Gift at the End of the Year A timely company

Group meetings around several good dishes are recurrent during the end of the year celebrations. This end-of-year corporate gift therefore comes at the right time. Indeed, it is an end-of-year corporate gift that will suit your partners very well when they go to receive people at home. They will be able to offer all their guests these business gifts while praising the merits of your company.

Transform the product into a personalized corporate gift

So that this set of 3 duck foie gras even more impressive, you can give it as a personalized corporate gift. The people who will have it will then make the link with you, and will link the qualities of the product with yours. This precious corporate gift will become your ambassador to the public, and all this thanks to a logo or a small accompanying message.

Gourmet without ever being fatty, Maison Sauveterre has found an incomparable play of textures: at first firm, the foie gras melts in the mouth to give way to a most pleasant smoothness. The foie gras reveals all its frank and noble aromas within this traditional "home-made" recipe.

Our favorite tasting To accompany foie gras on gingerbread toast, with mango chutney! Yummy!

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