Batch of foie gras pieces

Simply spread on a toast, the foie gras is very tasty. Find this product in the Corporate Gift version on Hightech Gifts. The Sauveterre house puts its know-how in the culinary art at your service and makes you discover a very tasty employee gift!

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The Company gift committee is the means used by a company to get closer to its employees, to reward them and to encourage them in their tasks. The task of the works council members is therefore of the utmost importance, as they are the decision-makers in the choice of the gift to be given to the employees.

An employee gift idea for the holidays

Holiday periods are uncommon in the year. That's why it's worth offering a CE gift for this kind of occasion. When you say party, you say food. Cadeaux Hightech offers you a rather special employee gift to serve on the table with good food. It is a batch of foie gras pieces elaborated by the Sauveterre house. Carefully seasoned, this high quality product is recommended for the aperitif with a glass of red wine.

Happy moments at the table thanks to a CE kdo

A marvel in the mouth, that's how your employees will describe your Work's Council gift! The Sauveterre house uses a block of foie gras of South-Western duck, melting and in pieces. This combination brings chewiness and sweetness at the same time. After removing the mixture from the tin, it is advisable to use a knife previously dipped in hot water for the cutting phase. This gift is a kind of invitation to enjoy good times at the table, especially during the festive season.

How to choose the right gift for your company

In order not to disappoint your employees, choose a personalised CE gift that lives up to expectations. Cadeaux Hightech has selected a long list of gift ideas for employees. Choose your company gift according to the needs of your employees while considering the amount of your budget.

Tasting advice :

We advise you to open the bottoms of the tin, remove one and gently push on the other. Then slice the foie gras with a knife previously dipped in hot water.

Traditionally eaten on toast with a glass of red wine, for a festive aperitif.

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