Mahogany desk clock

Are you looking for a gift to thank the employee? Opt for this mahogany desk clock. Simple, elegant, this is the kind of CE gift that is likely to appeal to everyone. Best of all, it won't cost you a lot of money, so you can easily meet your budget.

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Need a gift idea for employee of good quality, which will please everyone? This desk clock will be an excellent choice. It is an elegant and useful corporate gift. By giving this kind of gift, you are sure to make a lasting impression. What's more? The ability to add the personalisation of your choice.

Simple CE gifts

Between the tight budget that you have to respect at all costs and the personal taste of the recipient that you don't really know, choosing a CE gift is not always easy. If you don't want to take any risks, opt for this clock as gift for coworker. This clock is presented in a beautiful wooden box and is very elegant. It is the kind of corporate gift you could give on any occasion.

An employee gift that is accessible to all

If you are looking for a cheap corporate gift, you are right to choose this desk clock in mahogany. It is an inexpensive EC gift, but will nevertheless allow you to convey a good image of your company. Elegant and resistant, it is sure to please the person for whom it is intended. It is sure to please your employees at the end of the year or on special occasions when a staff gift is required.

EC gifts that you could personalise

The other advantage of this CE gift clock is that it can be personalised. Despite its small size, it has enough surface area to accommodate the various markings of your choice. Our team is able to print a logo or any other message of your choice on this clock, making it a personalised CE gift. Just tell us the message you want and we'll take care of the rest.

This personalised desk clock in its wooden box will delight your customers during your next promotional operation.
1 button cell battery included.

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