JBL bluetooth speaker 5 colors

Stand out from your competitors, offer your employees this JBL brand Bluetooth speaker. This advertising object, endowed with many advantages, will highlight your business. Convenient, it can be used wherever you are. Efficient, it offers essential sound quality. It's the right gift to woo your customers.

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What are the goodies ? To promote your business, these are essential. They are used to enhance the visibility of your business. They also make it easier to communicate your products and services. They make it possible to retain your customers or to reward them during contests. It is a real communication and marketing tool.

High quality goodies

This promotional item is appreciated for its quality and performance. You can use it to listen to music, etc. What makes it unique is the sound. It is of high quality. Very practical, it diffuses sound, and that, without you having to use cables. This personalized promotional item is equipped with Bluetooth. You can therefore associate it with your Smartphone or tablet to enjoy your favorite music, to watch a group movie, etc.

Very practical goodies

With its compact size, this promotional item is transportable wherever you go. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery which offers an autonomy of up to 8 hours. As its case is perfectly waterproof and follows IPX7 standards, it can be submerged in water, from a maximum depth of 1 meter, for half an hour. Thanks to these characteristics, this personalized advertising object can be used to listen to your favorite singers at the pool, at the beach, in the shower.

Easy to use goodies

This JBL bluetooth speaker can be used with a hands-free kit. You can therefore use it to make your calls. In addition, the sound quality is perfect as the noise of the device is reduced. If your device does not have Bluetooth connectivity, this promotional item has a jack socket. You just have to plug in your cable to enjoy your music at any time.

Main Features

Type : Bluetooth speaker
Color : Grey

Sound characteristics
Power : 3 Watts
System : Mono
Frequency response : 120 - 20,000 Hz

Sound treatments
Bass adjustment : No
Treble adjustment : No

Integrated microphone for hands-free calls : Yes
Waterproof : Yes
USB charging : No

Connectivity : Bluetooth

Auxiliary Connection : 1

Works : Drums
Loading time : 2 hours
Autonomy : 8 hours

Box contents
Delivered with : Instructions, USB cable

Dimensions : W x H x D 8.8 x 10.7 x 4.2 cm
Net weight : 150.0 g

Information and Services
Duration of the warranty (parts and labour) : 2 years
Availability of spare parts (supplier data) : Not communicated

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