Thin and classy black digital photo frame

For those who are looking for an original corporate gift, this slim and classy black digital photo frame is all you need. A very beautiful aesthetic and as elegant as it is, it is a customizable quality corporate gift.

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As Christmas approaches, most companies are always looking for corporate gift ideas to give to their customers. To get out of ordinary styles, this corporate christmas gift stands out from the other gifts you are used to giving each year.

An original business gift to keep memories

All the events that mark the history of a company are often memorized by photos but most of the time, these are stored in a computer and are only viewed occasionally. By choosing this corporate gift, you will be able to highlight the highlights shared between employees. Otherwise, it is also possible to scroll through images that represent the life of a company. Thus, this is a original corporate gift intended for photo enthusiasts.

A corporate gift idea that combines images and technology

Aside from being able to exhibit photos, this corporate gift is a Digital Photo Frame exceptional high-tech. It is equipped with an LCD screen and can accommodate several photos that will be displayed from a USB port or an SD card reader. Thus, the images will follow one another throughout the day and if you wish, you have the possibility to stop the slideshow. In addition, the image quality is sharp and true to the original colors. That is, you can give it as a corporate gift for an employee or a corporate gift for a client.

The possibility of personalizing your corporate gift

To clearly distinguish your business gifts, we offer you the possibility of personalizing them. Thus, we make sure to engrave your logo or leave a short message to make a beautiful personalized business gift. Black in color and very classy, this photo frame will also be a perfect decorative accessory for the office. And above all, it's a business object that suits all tastes.

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