Plastic bottle 500 ml purple

A water bottle with several features can be very practical and very useful. This is the case with this purple plastic model which can be a great Corporate Gift. Indeed, as a personalized corporate gift, this product can make your business even more popular.

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People who play sports always need to drink, and therefore a good container. This Company Gift can meet this need, especially with its special features. It can be offered as a corporate gift at the end of the year, or just to thank a customer for their loyalty.

A corporate gift with multiple features

In addition to being a water bottle, this original corporate gift also includes a cooler stick to keep its contents cool. Its elegant design offers good ergonomics, as well as a decorative compass for a nice aesthetic effect. It also has a carabiner on the cap for easy hanging. This is a corporate gift that will be greatly appreciated by those who receive it.

A very attractive personalised corporate gift

The shape and colour of this corporate gift is immediately eye-catching. So, by putting your logo on it, you will be sure to have a good visibility. In addition, this personalized business gift will move at any time with its user, allowing you to be represented in many places. In addition, despite its quality and practicality, this Corporate Gift is still very affordable, so you can offer it in very large quantities to reach a very wide audience.

A timely year-end gift

The end of the year is a time when business gifts are de rigueur. So you can make this accessory a corporate gift for the end of the year. It can be difficult to decide which corporate gift to give at this time of year, but with this object that is both pretty and cheap, you already have a good and original corporate gift idea. In any case, your customers or prospects who will receive this plastic flask will certainly be delighted, and will bear you great affection.

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Color : Purple
Cut Ø6,5 x 19,5 cm

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