Trendy black flashlight

The trendy black torch is one of the offers of the Works Council Gift Catalogue. Equipped with 3 white LEDs, this flashlight is powerful enough to light your way at all times! It can be personalised with a message or your company logo, making it a perfect personalised corporate gift.

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Cadeaux Hightech offers you the opportunity to discover its Works Council Gift Catalogue. Let yourself be tempted by this superb black lamp, a perfect gift to thank your employees. Discreet and efficient, this model will quickly become an inseparable for the company's employees.

A end-of-year employee gift not to be missed

As the festive season approaches, every company takes the time to find the best CE gifts to give to partners or employees. The choice is often made for items that are useful in everyday life or for original objects. Would you like to discover the secrets of satisfying works councils? Cadeaux Hightech offers to advise you and guide you through an infinite number of options.

A special flashlight that stands out from the Works Council Gift Catalogue

To show your appreciation to customers or employees, don't hesitate to opt for this small, everyday product. This model of flash light The single dynamo is made of plastic and measures 7.4 x 4.4 x 2.7 cm. It is black in colour and has 3 white LEDs and a side on/off button. The crank handle can be folded out. It even has a wrist strap for easy handling.

Of cheap corporate gifts for everyone

Practical, affordable and stylish at the same time, it has a special feature. As an employee gift, it can be personalised with the company's image. You can put your logo on it or write a personalised message to thank the recipient. The sober and classic colour is suitable for both men and women, and for all age groups.

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