2-screen 7-inch portable DVD player

If you are looking for an original customer gift to give to your most loyal customers or employees, buy a portable DVD player with 2 screens 7 inches. Ultra trendy and useful, you will quickly gain the trust of your customers with this gift. It is a kind of business gift capable of enhancing the image of your company.

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Far from customer gift classic like bags, caps or t-shirts, this high-tech gift will impress whoever receives it. Equipped with an innovative feature that optimizes communication within a company, a DVD player is sure to help achieve your goals. 

2-screen 7-inch portable DVD player: an attractive and pleasant customer gift 

Offering a device that allows viewing videos and photos in the highest possible quality is an interesting idea to best satisfy your customers. This DVD player features two 7-inch LCD screens with a compact multifunction infrared remote control included. In addition, this player can play different DVD + R, DVD-R, DVD + RW, VCD, SV media. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is easily transportable wherever you go. At the time of everything connected, the recipient will be more than moved to receive an end of year customer gift as striking as a dual screen reader. It will make a pretty end of year gift.

Strengthen your professional ties with an exceptional corporate gift

This device is a end of year customer gift par excellence, because it offers a multitude of functions. Taking the time to choose the right gift shows your interest in your customers. Therefore you will strengthen their trust and loyalty. This is the kind of initiative that will propel your visibility to the highest peak. A high-tech gift also proves that you are open to the current technological trend which gives a dynamic image to your brand.

Give personality to your customer gift

Whatever your budget or the image you want to return, the DVD player portable 2 7-inch screens can be customized according to your taste and style. Many sites specializing in promotional items offer different types of branding and a wide choice of personalized customer gifts at very competitive prices. Take the opportunity to optimize your communication strategy by object and retain your customers.

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