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Alarm clock pencil holder

Want to stand out with an original but inexpensive corporate gift? Opt for this alarm clock pencil holder. This high-tech gadget, which doubles as an alarm clock as well as a pencil and pen storage container, is the perfect corporate gift, especially for the holiday season.

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You want to offer a high-tech but inexpensive corporate gift? Think of this innovative pencil cup. More than a simple receptacle for pens and pencils lying around on the desk, it indicates the time and temperature. Simple but practical, it's the kind ofadvertisment object that is likely to appeal to everyone, but especially to technophiles.

A highly original but inexpensive corporate gift

You lack ideas for your next project Goodies ? Opt for this new kind of pencil cup. This very modern electronic gadget is not expensive, yet it allows you to stand out from your competitors. It's the kind of corporate gift to give if you're on a tight budget. It is also suitable if you want to offer your corporate gift to all your employees.

A company gift at the cutting edge of technology

Do you want to give a high-tech corporate gift at the end of the year without breaking your budget? This pencil cup is an excellent choice. It has an LCD screen on one side that acts as a thermometer and shows the date. Buttons allow you to set the time, date, etc. according to the user's needs. As you can see, this is the kind of corporate gift that is useful to its recipient and that is sure not to end up in the bottom of the drawer. By offering this kind of corporate gift, you are sure to score points with your employees.

Optimise your image with a personalised corporate gift

Business gifts such as corporate gifts are not simply intended to please the recipient. They are above all communication tools intended to promote your company's image to your various employees. This is why it is recommended to offer a personalised corporate gift in your company's colours. This pencil cup alarm clock is, again, an excellent choice. You can add a logo, slogan or any other message you wish to highlight.

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Color : silver / black
Cut 11.8 x 9.5 x 5.3 cm
Net weight 0.130 kg
Gross weight : 0.155 kg
Carton weight 7.75 kg / 15.50 kg

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