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Gray backpack

Do you find that a personalized pen or T-shirt is too commonplace as a promotional item? In that case, go for a gray backpack. Here is a goodies both original and striking that will surely surprise its recipient.

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Quantity (degressive price from 50 pieces)

High-tech items are currently very popular and are very effective communication tools. This is even more true if the objective of this advertisment object is to build customer loyalty or attract new prospects. Design, modern and useful, it is one of the most prestigious advertising products available. 

Trendy and practical promotional item

You plan to offer a promotional gift captivating, but inexpensive to your customers? This grey backpack with its modern style and ingenious functionality will do the trick. It is an object that allows you to stand out while pleasing your customers. This kind of high-end gift will undoubtedly please your customers. This product is a real evolution, a real playground for designers. It is a very elaborate article that is no longer limited to its primary function, but becomes a real fashion accessory. It is made from polyester. Its size of 29.5 x 14.5 x 45 cm and its net weight of 0.275 kg make it the perfect travel kit.

Customised corporate goodies at low prices

In addition to being trendy, this backpack is above all a very practical accessory. Whether it is for everyday use or to go on a getaway, it is the ideal gift to offer to your followers. This type of promotional goodies is made to last in order to promote your communication strategy. What's more, this personalised advertising object is accessible at a low price. For a communication by object, choosing a modern but cheap gift is a real advantage for the company.

Trendy promotional gift to seduce your customers

Both unique and unusual, these promotional goodies represent a necessary investment for the good of the company. Indeed, satisfying customers with a fashionable product offers a good return on investment. The resulting benefits will be beneficial both in terms of image and development.