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EMTEC Gold plus 64 GB micro SD card

Purchase the EMTEC Gold plus 64 GB micro SD card as a promotional item for your company. It is a very useful advertising gift to attract and retain your customers thanks to its usefulness and practicality on a daily basis.

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In these festive times, it is a good way to make new prospects with the help of advertising items. Indeed, promotional gifts are a good way to win over new customers. And the EMTEC Gold Plus 64GB micro SD card is the perfect choice for this purpose.

A promotional gift to attract and retain customers

Holiday seasons are a year-round event and are always a good way to attract customers. To keep your customers coming back, offer them promotional gifts useful in their daily lives. The choice of this promotional item/goodies is therefore very wise. It is a trend among consumers to return to a service that is both helpful and welcoming, but also offers giveaways. This way, you will attract new prospects while building customer loyalty. In addition, brand recognition will be achieved through communication between customers. A satisfied customer will attract other customers with him.

A state-of-the-art promotional item

With the micro SD card With EMTEC Gold plus 64 GB, the storage capacity of tablets and smartphones will be considerably increased. With 6400 MB more storage space, more data can be stored without cluttering up the devices. In addition, this promotional item has a very high copy speed to facilitate the transfer and make it faster. This is often the disadvantage of the older generation of goodies. In addition, you can get it at a very affordable price.

A customizable advertising object

Even if it is a promotional gift that is not always visible, you can still opt for its personalisation. Indeed, a personalised advertising object gives originality to your company by putting your logo on the article and on the packaging. In this way, the gift can be kept by your social actors.

Reading speed Class10 - up to 85MB/s
Writing speed Class10 - up to 21MB/s

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