Glossy black bluetooth headset

Advertising objects are a means for the company to encourage prospects and customers to request its services. Offering an advertising gadget or Goodies such as the glossy black Bluetooth headset can both promote the notoriety of your company but also build loyalty and reward its customers, partners and employees.

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Goodies are an effective means of communication and can be offered to prospects, customers and strategic partners. However, it is essential to opt for a advertisment object useful to ensure that it is retained by its recipient and to ensure the visibility of its brand in a sustainable way.

A high-tech goodie: the Bluetooth headset

A promotional gift is to maintain and perpetuate its commercial relationship with its best customers, partners and employees. It is an original advertising object which can ensure a strong visibility of its brand. Indeed, its usability is very practical in the daily life of its recipient. It is indeed a light and comfortable mobile accessory that can be worn at the ear without causing discomfort. It allows you to keep your hands free and make calls or listen to music discreetly via Bluetooth.

An original and useful promotional gift

A quality and useful promotional gift helps to reinforce the visual identity of the company and to stand out from the competition. This inexpensive promotional gift is able to reflect a good image of the brand and at the same time improve its reputation. Thanks to this Bluetooth headset, it is possible to reach a large audience without needing a large budget. It can be used to convey the company's image every time it is used.

An ideal advertising product to reinforce your reputation

An advertising product must be able to build customer and partner loyalty. It can also be used to enhance a company's image or to promote its services or products. Using a personalised advertising object can help a company to ensure the trust of its customers and partners. It is also a sustainable advertising at a lower cost. The personalisation can also make this accessory an essential promotional tool to be integrated into its marketing strategy.

Headset kit : Bluetooth
Noise reduction technology : Yes
Multipoint technology
Autonomy 11 hours in communication