Blue flashlight

Are you running out of ideas for a promotional giveaway to satisfy your business customers? We suggest you opt for a blue flashlight. It is a very practical promotional gift and suitable for everyone.

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Offering an advertising item is good, but offering a useful item is even better. Why not offer a advertisment object that meets the needs of your customers? Moreover, you can personalise it with your company logo.

A very useful business gadget for everyday life

A power cut and you are plunged into total darkness. Who hasn't found themselves looking for a lighter or matches to check the circuit breaker? This blue torch will be useful for everyone. Such situations can happen at one time or another. In such cases, you will be doing your prospects a favour with this corporate gift gadget. Its compact design makes it a very practical portable goodie for emergencies. You can give it away all year round, because your customers will always need this promotional gift.

A practical and inexpensive business promotional item

This blue torch has a compact design to fit easily into a pocket. This corporate gift can therefore be used in emergency situations. The design is trendy and the blue colour is very pleasant to look at. On the technical side, it has a 40 mAH battery. This promotional item can be charged via its USB port. The marking surface is highly visible even in a lighted area. The price is affordable and buying a large quantity will not generate many charges.

A cheap personalized promotional item

A personalised promotional item is still a very practical way of improving your visibility. You can put your company logo on the body of this accessory. In addition, you can also choose from other colours to brighten up your promotional item.

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