Phone stand

Are you looking for a good promotional gift for your loyal customers? Go for a phone stand. It is an accessory that can offer them great practicality on a daily basis, especially for those who constantly use their Smartphone. It is the ideal advertising object / goodies.

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Do you want to satisfy your customers and attract new prospects at the same time? Offer them this Goodies that they will use every day. What could be better than offering a useful and practical promotional item to make your customers' lives easier? You can also personalise it.

A promotional item for everyday use

This promotional item is first and foremost a goodie that will be used in the daily life of your customers. It is therefore a promotional gift useful since most people nowadays own a smartphone. Thus, it can contribute strongly to the visibility of your brand and your company name. In addition, the user's entourage will be able to see its usefulness and will be attracted by the company that has given it as a gift. You will therefore have new prospects to your credit that you can try to retain with your products. This promotional item is a good way to increase your segments.

A very practical promotional gift

Made of solid materials, the telephone booth keeps your smartphone upright for optimal use. It is practical and avoids wrist fatigue. It is possible to put the smartphone horizontally or vertically, it is always feasible. Moreover, its durability is one of its advantages for a long term use of this accessory. Finally, it is a promotional item with a fairly affordable price for its use.

A customisable advertising goodie

If you want your promotional product to be truly original, opt for a personalised promotional item. Indeed, you can put your company logo as well as your company name on the promotional item. In addition, you can also choose other colours to brighten up your gift and match the tone of your logo. It is an accessory that can be easily personalised according to your needs and tastes.

The Cenastand Micro-Suction Smartphone is fully compatible with gadgets, which means that it doesn't matter which smartphone you have. Devices can be comfortably placed at a 66 degree viewing angle in a horizontal or vertical position on the micro suction cup, ensuring a firm and stable hold. Cenastand is a minimalist and stylish desktop accessory, perfect for hands-free conferencing, video viewing or as a simple docking station. The Cenastand is made from a single piece of aluminium.

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