Radio controlled truck

Are you organizing a trade show or direct marketing campaign? Do you want to boost your sales or increase the return rate of a mailing? In this case, choose the promotional item that will hit the mark. To be successful in your campaign, stand out from the crowd and offer a radio controlled truck as a corporate giveaway gadget.

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As part of a marketing operation for your business, Goodies have a real role to play. Far from gift advertising classic like pens, this high-tech kid's goodies is sure to set you apart. Indeed, children have a preference for more emotional objects like the case of this radio-controlled car.

High tech goodies for children: Radio controlled truck

The choice ofadvertisment object is very free, as long as it is offered to customers, whether during a trade fair, for the anniversary of the company or only for the launch of a product. If the goal is to reward or to thank, it makes sense to offer a more high-tech gift. Even if it is intended for children, it is necessary to know how to mark their minds. Hence the interest in choosing this 4-wheel drive truck that can drive on any road condition. Thus, this racing car will not get stuck on important obstacles along the way. Its oversized tires make it easy to use whether in mud, deep water, etc.

Promotional item: A unique gift to differentiate you

Taking the time to choose the right promotional gift shows your interest in your customers and helps them gain their trust. Indeed, the simple fact of sending something other than ordinary Goodies attracts the attention of the recipient. However, it is necessary to privilege the quality and the solidity of the object to make last the campaign. Lasting gift rhymes with long-term visibility.

Customizable advertising goodies

Whatever your budget or the image you want to return, this radio controlled truck is customizable according to your wishes. The personal touch of the company differentiates the object from the products in the store. It's pretty simple, you have to order a personalized promotional item with the company name or logo on it.

READY TO ROLL: 4 AA batteries for the car and 3 AA batteries for the 2.4G transmitter are included. For ages 8 and up

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