Diamond watch

Are you looking for an original and prestigious promotional item to offer to your employees or partners? Why not offer a latest trend diamond watch to make an impression? As a promotional item / goodies, you are sure to get noticed while boosting your brand image.

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A advertisment object This high-tech gift will impress all your business partners, including your employees, suppliers and investors. Very fashionable at the moment, this type of high-end promotional gift will set you apart from all the competition. So don't hesitate to please your future brand ambassadors.

Luxury promotional items

In general, the opportunities to offer a goodies are many. But more often than not, the end of the year is the most opportune time, as it is marked by the spirit of sharing. The luxury sector is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and admirable sectors in existence today. Hence the interest in offering this Diamond Watch with its high quality imitation leather strap. Promotional items are a golden tool to apply luxury best practices to enhance your brand image. But it also allows you to improve the experience of your customers without radically changing the positioning of the company. As such, this beautiful bracelet is the ideal object to highlight a unique image. Receiving such a gift is sure to delight your employees.

Goodies with a good price/quality ratio

Among the possible ideas for personalised promotional items on the market, finding a gift that appeals is not easy and even more so if you want to keep your budget under control. Fortunately, in our catalogue we offer a wide range of Diamond watch personalized at very affordable prices. This high-performance object with its bracelet offers good value for money.

Personalised promotional gift to offer as a promotional gift

For your promotional goodies to play their role as a communication medium, you need to offer a gift made to measure in the image of your company. In this case, it is advisable to have the company's name or logo printed on it to ensure that the recipient remembers your company.

Bracelet : High quality leatherette
Dimensions 49 X 36 X 12 mm.

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