Original artisanal organic raspberry vinegar

The art of cooking differently can also be learned on Cadeaux Hightech! Make way for a CE Gift that leaves a slight raspberry taste in your recipe. This delicious magic potion is a corporate committee gift idea to apply as the holidays approach. Let yourself be tempted by an organic personalized CE gift.

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There is a food trend that is attracting more and more people. If you have decided to honour your employees with a CE gift dedicated to the culinary arts, prefer an organic product. Guaranteed safe for your health, this kind of gift to thank employee will be very welcome in your company.

An idea for a corporate gift committee to be entered

Not only do works council members have to find ways to please everyone, but they also have to juggle with a limited budget. The Hightech Gifts website suggests a corporate committee gift you couldn't have thought of! This bottle of raspberry wine vinegar will be very useful for those who love great food. It is an organic product made in an artisanal way. It will serve as a CE kdo for the end of the year period or on the occasion of the company's anniversary.

A fruity flavour to share thanks to a CE gift

From now on, employees will enjoy cooking good food! They will have this employee gift as a secret ingredient to enhance the taste of a salad. The organic raspberry vinegar is a CE Gift suggested by the Hightech Gifts website. This 37,5 cl bottle can be used to prepare a vinaigrette or a raspberry flavoured sauce. The small note of acidity combined with the sweetness of the raspberry will be in perfect harmony with pan-fried or roasted fruits.

A much appreciated company committee gift

This CE gift is one of those rare ingredients that always makes you want to create new recipes. Thank and encourage your team with a useful CE gift in the kitchen. Take advantage of the Hightech Gifts customisation option which allows you to add your logo or your year-end wishes on the bottle. Use this vinegar in your salads, meat marinades or to give a raspberry taste to your dressings and other sauces. Don't hesitate to deglaze your pan-fried or roasted fruit preparations, this touch of acidity mixed with the sweetness of the raspberry will enhance your preparations.

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