Remington comfort series shaver

Do you want to congratulate your employees for their good work? Give them this Remington Comfort Series shaver as a personalized CE gift. Useful, elegant and sophisticated, this quality razor will certainly please its users. This is a perfect solution if you are looking for a Christmas employee gift that will leave a lasting impression.

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Want to thank your business partners? Give them the pleasure of receiving a employee gift fully deserved. The Remington shaver, which is powered by electric energy and guarantees a high shaving performance, is an excellent choice. This corporate gift will stand out to others... don't miss this opportunity.

Branded razor: employee gift to keep the esteem of third parties

Corporate gifts are one of the most common forms of advertising. Play the card of originality by giving this Remington razor which will delight many people. It delicately outlines sideburns, contours and moustaches, and a single stroke cleanses the face. This CE gift  will be appreciated by your customers, suppliers or subcontractors who have contributed to your sales figure.

A practical CE gift with the Remington shaver

As long as you are giving a staff gift, it is advisable to give a functional object, which combines the useful with the pleasant. The Remington razor is exactly that, as shaving is an inseparable part of men's lives. Its double floating foil fits easily into the face, and its compact design saves space in bags, making it ergonomic.

Remington razor: a cheap corporate committee gift

We realise that the price of end-of-year CE gifts should not be too high, otherwise they will be unnecessarily expensive. On the economic side, the comfort series shaver is not too expensive if you take into account the exceptional price of the product. On the practical side, it is autonomous for 16 minutes and takes only 4 hours to fill up the battery. It's a great value for money employee gift that will make a difference. So don't waste any time in placing your order.

Retractable mower :
It is ideal for trimming the moustache, goatee and sideburns with precision. It will allow you to reach the areas that need a little more attention.

Comfortable to use :
Its ergonomic and compact design ensures maximum comfort and manoeuvrability during use. The flexible foils adjust to the contours of the face for optimal shaving comfort.

Rechargeable :
Use it cordless as it is rechargeable (full recharge in 16 hours). The 40 minute battery life makes this shaver a must for an efficient shave.

Accessory :
It is supplied with a protective cover.

Universal voltage

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