Black Trendy Thomson DVD Player

The end of the year is approaching, find an original CE gift to offer to your employees and your business partners. A gift that will show your gratitude for their loyalty and their services. Giving a Trendy Black Thomson DVD Player as a corporate board gift is without a doubt the best way to show your gratitude.

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Such a high-end product, custom-made with your company's logo, is the epitome of a high value-added CE gift. This type of personalized gift is the kind of gift that will make people happy, whether it is to thank or reward a deserving employee.

Thomson DVD player: an excellent choice for a CE gift

A high performance device easily finds its place in a company and is very useful in everyday life. This reader can be customised to the company's image, making it the CE gift perfect as a gift. This portable DVD player comes with USB direct encoding, compatible with DVD, CD, MP3, WMA and MPEG4. It is also equipped with a SCART socket, 2.0 output and Dolby digital with remote control included. Its playback quality, its solidity and its elegant black design are a great way to make a lasting impression on your employees.

Gifts for employees: top-of-the-range and fashionable

For the end of year celebrations or other events, the Thomson DVD player is the trendy corporate gift that will thank your business partners in the right way. Much more exceptional than a diary or a pen, this high-tech gift is the best way to build loyalty and stimulate your employees while reflecting a dynamic image. Moreover, this type of gift is very popular in today's business world.

Bring luxury to your CE gift ranges

Both modern and luxurious, a dvd player living room The trendy black Thomson as a personalised CE gift gives your company a creative and technology-friendly image. Although it is a product that can easily be found in a shop, a personalised player with the company's image will have an even greater effect.

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