Scallops with homemade Sauveterre spread truffles

Luxury is found in its purest form with this combination of high class foods, including scallops and truffles. This could very well be part of your company's list of luxury business gifts. Such a Business Gift will amaze the privileged people who will have the chance to receive it.

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When exceptional ingredients are blended together, they can form a fabulous dish, especially in the hands of an experienced and recognised specialist such as Maison Sauveterre. This jar is one such example and can be a fabulous Gift Business. It will be a company gift that will make you famous, given its uniqueness.

An unsuspected business gift

Business gifts are often quite classic and usual, such as agendas, goodies and the like. However, with this unusual business gift, you will be sure to get a surprise effect, both by the nature of the present, and by the product itself. Indeed, this customer gift contains both scallops and truffles, bound together with cream and butter. All of this brings out a unique and memorable taste.

A business gift to exploit

These Scallops with truffles will certainly get a positive rating from the lucky people to whom you give it. This gives you the opportunity to gain their trust even more, so that you can strengthen your future cooperation and profit from it. In fact, this is one of the objectives of business gifts. The ball will be in your court once the seduction operation with this business gift is launched.

A business gift for your popularity

A business gift of such class and quality does not go unnoticed. Everyone who comes into contact with the product will want to know its origin. Thus, by accompanying this business gift with a reference that recalls your company, the present will be attached to your image. In fact, giving personalised business gifts is a very common practice, and usually very profitable. It is appropriate to exploit the potential of this nice souvenir.

The Sauveterre House has created an exceptional alliance between the delicacy of the scallops and the earthy power of the truffle at the end. All this in a creamy preparation thanks to a liaison based on fresh cream and butter.

Spread it on a blini soaked in lemon. You can even arrange this preparation in a small glass jar, into which your guests can dip vegetable sticks!

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