Calor expert manicure set

You want to strengthen your notoriety and improve your customer relationships by building loyalty. Offer your employees and clients an unusual and unusual corporate gift like this Calor expert manicure set. Personal and affordable, it is a corporate gift greatly appreciated in the business world.

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Offer a corporate gift It is not about buying customer loyalty, but about thanking them for their contribution to the business and encouraging them to continue working with your company. Offering a personalised corporate gift is therefore essential for this.

A personal customer gift

If you want your customers to constantly think about your company, give them a corporate gift that can accompany them in their daily life, such as the Calor expert manicure set. Thanks to this product that will become part of their personal belongings, they will be able to take care of their hands, but also their feet. It is an item that contributes greatly to the well-being of your customers and effectively shows your consideration for them. It can be offered at any time and at any event without being intrusive.

A corporate gift for modern customers

If it is important to you to offer a original corporate gift In order to optimise your communication and to increase customer loyalty, offer this Calor expert manicure set as a personalised corporate gift and forget about the old goodies. With a perfect design and perfect ergonomics such as a removable head and a better grip, this device guarantees perfect nail care just like in beauty salons.

A cheap and practical corporate gift

Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers practical, high-performance business gifts like this model. It polishes and files with efficiency and is easy to handle thanks to its interchangeable head depending on the operation required, and thanks to its autonomy. It is also a set manicure easy to maintain, as a single wash after use is enough to restore it to its original state. Moreover, it is discreet and can fit in any bag.

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