Revlon Ultimate Glam Manicure Set

Are you satisfied with your employees whose good work has contributed to the achievement of your objectives? Consider giving them an exceptional corporate gift with this Revlon Ultimate Glam manicure set. Ideal for perfect hand and nail care, this beauty kit is a great choice as a corporate Christmas gift.

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Want to thank staff members with a valuable gift? Why not give away Revlon Ultimate Glam Complete Manicure Kits? Simple, useful and easy to wear, this company logo gift will certainly please the recipients. This beautiful gesture finds all its relevance as an end-of-year CE gift.

Revlon manicure set for a quality corporate gift

Nowadays, rewarding the performance of employees has become a tradition both among SMEs and large companies. Dare something new and original by choosing a manicure kit. Your employees will be delighted to own a branded item produced by Revlon, one of the American references in cosmetics. This gift in businesse is much more eloquent than a standard bonus or voucher. While, vis-à-vis your business partners, it is a way to assert your presence in the market.

Corporate gift combining utility and comfort

The trend today is to offer a corporate gift that improves everyday comfort. This is the whole advantage of this Revlon Ultimate Glam manicure set which contains accessories intended for the maintenance of hands and feet - file, tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle pusher… It has an impeccable design and will be very practical when traveling on mission. Wherever it is, it can be used to spend a session of care and well-being without the need for a professional center.

Personalized inexpensive business gift with the manicure set

Want to offer a personalized business gift? You are free to personalize your company gift through a graphic sign such as the company or brand logo, or any other relevant message. In fact, business gifts will lose their full potential if they remain anonymous. Fairly large in size, the manicure kit leaves enough room to put dedications. Otherwise, said dedication can also be affixed to the flexible cord of the device.

Accessories :
Complete and versatile, it is supplied with 12 accessories (7 manicure accessories and 5 pedicure accessories) necessary for the best care of your nails.
In addition, it comes with a storage case for optimal protection.

Ergonomic and practical :
The arrangement of the device is optimized thanks to the flexible cord which guarantees ease of use.
The storage box is ideal for protecting your device and preserving the quality of your accessories.

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