Scholl velvet smooth manicure set

Do you plan to offer a corporate gift to your customers and employees? You will want a corporate gift for personal use so that they can take care of themselves and carry the company in their minds every time they see the product. Choose the Scholl velvet smooth manicure set.

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Do you find that offering a personal corporate gift is a better way to convey your company's values to employees or customers. You can also be sure that it is a good advertising or customer loyalty tool. Choose a good product that performs well and is also robust and practical.

An original and complete corporate gift

This Scholl velvet smooth manicure set is an original personalised corporate gift that can very well meet the beauty needs of your clients or employees. It is a complete corporate gift that contains an electrical system for nail care, 3 interchangeable heads, a battery for its power supply that allows it to have a perfect autonomy. It has a very modern design and excellent ergonomics. It is also supplied with a nourishing care cream to be applied to the hands or feet after each operation.

A high-performance corporate gift

If you consider a corporate gift is to be a perfect corporate gift, you will not be disappointed with this model. It is a personal device capable of giving a perfect manicure or pedicure as is the case found in large beauty salons. It has a remarkable precision in its work and is safe for the nails, because they do not attack them.

A practical, high-quality corporate gift

It can be said that this Scholl manicure set is one of the most practical and affordable business gifts. It perfectly files, polishes and shines your nails with its removable head and accessories. It is also practical as it is easy to carry and easy to store due to its compact size. In addition, your customers will be able to maintain it well and keep it for a long time.

How to use it in 3 steps :
File First, install the head n°1, turn on the device by selecting one of the 2 available speeds and file the nail according to the desired shape.
Polish The next step is to install head n°2, which is ideal for erasing imperfections, smoothing the surface of your nails and preparing your nails for step 3.
Go to shine Finally, to finish in beauty, the special shine tip n°3 brings shine and brightness to your nails.
Council For best results, use circular movements with gentle pressure during use.

Beauty care :
Scholl's Nourishing Beauty Oil, enriched with a 7-oil complex, brings strength and shine to your nails.
Easy to apply thanks to its integrated brush.

Convenient :
The ergonomic design of the device is ideal for taking care of your hands and feet like in a salon.
Easy to use, it helps you to prepare your nails for a nail polish application or simply to give yourself a perfect manicure when you don't have time to sit down.

Supplied :
This pack includes the electric nail enhancer, a protective cover, 3 interchangeable heads, a nourishing beauty oil and a LR06 battery.

This product can also be used on the feet.

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