Black suede speaker

Don't want to take any risks with your corporate gift? What could be more natural then than to choose this suede speaker? This design and practical business gift is one of those accessories that every professional must have available.

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You lack ideas for the corporate gift to offer to a client? Then choose this speaker. Simple but useful, it's the perfect corporate gift. What's more? The fact that it is suitable for both men and women. You can also make it unique with a personalised message.

An original and inexpensive corporate gift

Would you like to think outside the box for once, but don't think you have the budget? By opting for this suede conference folder, the problem is quickly solved. This useful accessory does not cost much, yet it is much less common than pens and other gadgets. It is a cheap business gift that will allow you to easily stand out from your competitors.

A high quality corporate gift

This speaker Arun is proof that even on a small budget it is possible to give a high-quality corporate gift. The black suede cover makes it very robust, as well as chic and elegant. When opening the folder, the recipient will be delighted to discover storage panels for business cards, a pen loop and above all a 94-page lined notepad. By offering this kind of business gift, you will only reinforce the confidence that your clients and collaborators will have in you.

A conference speaker, for a personalised corporate gift

The conference itself will already set you apart from your competitors, but if you want to make sure you stay top of mind, nothing beats a personalised corporate gift. This can be done by adding a logo, or other special message, to the speaker that will immediately refer to your company. Rest assured, such personalisation will not make your gift look ugly, quite the contrary! It will help you to enhance your image! It includes a 94-page lined paper notepad. Imitation leather.

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