White Docki Docking Station

Do you want to stand out with striking, high-tech business gifts? Is your budget slightly limited? Why not offer a customizable white Docki docking station at a better price as Christmas gifts? This corporate gift has all the characteristics it takes to seduce.

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Over the years, the high-tech corporate gift is no longer considered a simple advertising medium. Today, it has become a true and indispensable fashion item. At once indispensable, practical and high-end, this type ofChristmas gift idea for companies can take the place of the classic goodies in a progressive way.  

Prestigious corporate gift idea: white Docki docking station

If you want to surprise your employees, a state-of-the-art docking station from a major brand will do the trick. Moreover, it is an accessory that can be very useful within a company. By choosing this high-tech giftWith Docki, you are sending out a dynamic image and a reliable personality to your customers. Here, Docki is a docking station that shows off electronic devices while they are charging. Cables slide in easily, stay in place with the help of rubber handles and are hidden. Plus, it's compatible with all current versions and generations of smartphones and iPods. This personalised corporate gift can be used for a variety of purposes, from boosting your visibility to increasing your brand awareness.

A corporate gift for everyday use

The advantage of this dock Docki white is its everyday usefulness and the service it provides to its user. Certainly, associated with an irreproachable quality and durability, the object will offer a long term visibility to your company, that is to say throughout the use cycle of the object. This is how your employees or customers will become your brand ambassadors.

A high-tech, tailor-made corporate gift

This high-tech product has a well-adapted personalisation area that will not clutter the object. On the contrary, placed in a well adapted place, the marking will make it elegant and design. With your company name and logo on the corporate gift, you are sure to optimise your visibility and enhance your brand image.

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