Weather station alarm clock metal gray

To complete your campaign by the object, offer an advertising object that combines elegance and practicality such as this weather station with alarm function. It is with this kind of simple advertising gift, but useful on a daily basis that you will score points with your targets.

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Do you want to distribute cheap but original corporate goodies? This weather station is an excellent choice. This kind ofsmall quantity personalized promotional item This practical, yet inexpensive product is currently very popular. It will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Stand out from the crowd with a cheap promotional gift

The choice of the promotional item to give away usually depends on the budget you have available. By choosing this weather station, you are sure to respect your budget. This corporate gift offers a very good price/quality ratio. It will not harm your company's brand image. It is made of white ABS plastic, which is as light as it is strong. This is the kind of goodies that will help you to maintain your image as a serious and reliable company.

A high-tech gadget, perfect for unforgettable promotional gifts

The problem with some goodies is that the people who receive them tend to forget them quickly. If you want your promotional campaign to be a success, consider offering a useful everyday item like this weather Channel. In addition to temperature, this device displays the time and date. It also has an alarm function and indicates the air pressure. In short, it tells the recipient everything they need to know before leaving the office or the house. One thing is certain, such a practical promotional gift will not end up in the back of the cupboard.

An easy to personalise corporate gift

The other advantage of choosing this device as a promotional item is that it can be personalised in any way you wish. It is entirely possible to inscribe a logo or a promotional message on it. When you place your order, tell us the message of your choice and we will take care of inscribing it on this gadget to make it a personalised promotional item in your image.

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Color : White
Cut 13 x 9 x 3.5 cm
Net weight 0.107 kg
Gross weight : 0.208 kg
Carton weight 5.20 kg / 10.40 kg

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