Revlon triple complex watermelon straightener

Offering a CE gift to employees or customers as a thank you or loyalty is a very popular and highly valued practice in the business world. If you haven't tried this practice yet, start by offering a gift voucher to your employees and clients that meet their needs.

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If you do not yet have an idea of your CE gift but that you know the gender of your target (male or female or both). Opt for a corresponding employee gift just like this Revlon triple complex watermelon straightener specially designed for women.

A corporate committee gift for hair

The Revlon triple complex watermelon straightener is a good gift for works councilsbecause it helps your employees and clients take care of themselves and give more importance to your business in return. This corporate committee gift allows its user to be able to create original hairstyles while staying at home and to have the same hair care as at the most renowned hairdressers. The user can thus curl or straighten their hair effectively quickly.

An original and quality employee gift idea

This custom CE gift is powerful and has variable temperature and features 25 x 100mm ceramic floating plates. Its plates make it a kdo this original, because they are coated and impregnated with Shea butter, mango and coconut which allow to have a scalp groomed to their tips and to their roots. . Apart from this great peculiarity, it has a neat design with the rounded shape of its plates and its watermelon color. It is also equipped with an LCD screen allowing its adjustment and control.

 The practical and comfortable CE gift

The straightener Revlon triple complex is an essential corporate committee gift necessary for the enhancement of your company's image. This inexpensive corporate committee gift is indeed practical and comfortable to use thanks to its anti-knot rotating cord. It is also equipped with an automatic stop system and a very secure plate locking system.

Coating :
Preserve your hair with the ceramic plates impregnated with mango, coconut and shea butter for soft and ultra shiny hair!
This coating offers you a homogeneous temperature and optimal protection for protected hair with each pass.

Temperature :
Enjoy precise temperature control and adjust the heating power from up to 230°C with the LED display showing you the ideal temperature for your hair type.

Convenience and safety :
The knot-free rotating cord offers you maximum comfort when using the straightener.
In addition, it has a plate locking system and an automatic shutdown.

Advice :
Separate your hair into several parts using tweezers, select a strand and slide the straightener gently from root to tip.
Stay 5 to 10 seconds on each strand and pass the straightener over the strand only once (the hair fiber being very weakened by the friction of multiple passes).

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