Bamboo Wacom Stylus

Are you looking for the ideal end-of-year gift to offer to your various employees and clients? Think about this Bamboo pen set. This high-tech gadget will make a very practical corporate gift since it can be adapted with all the touch devices of the moment.

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You want to make sure that your corporate Christmas gift doesn't end up in the drawer? Give this set of styli as a gift box christmas corporate gift. It is a very practical accessory for anyone who uses smartphones or touch tablets. It will certainly score points with your customers and partners.

Corporate gifts: keep it simple

You don't always have to invest in a very expensive corporate gift to please someone. Often it is even the simplicity that pays off. This set of pens is a perfect example. These small accessories that are used to navigate easily on touch screens are very inexpensive. Yet they are one of those corporate gifts which will allow you to pleasantly surprise your various employees, while conveying a good image of your company.

Wacom Bamboo Pen: the perfect corporate gift

Do you want to give a high-tech corporate gift this year, but don't have the budget to buy the latest accessories? This Wacom Bamboo Pen is an excellent alternative. This high-tech product made of aluminium is also a real technological gem, perfect for business gifts. Its 6 mm tip is made of carbon fibre, which gives it its great fluidity. Its ergonomic triangular design, combined with its 14 cm length, makes it easy to hold. With all this, it is very affordable.

An original corporate gift to better serve your image

The other advantage of this stylus as a corporate gift is that it can be used as a communication medium. How do you mean? Simply by having a special message printed on it! You will have a corporate gift personalised with your company's colours. By giving this gift, you are also giving yourself free advertising, so why hesitate?

Main Features
Type of product : Stylus
Colors : White
Material : Aluminum
Dimensions W x H x D NC x 14.1 x NC cm
Weight : 0 g
Specificities : stylus
Stylus use To navigate
Stylus tip Carbon fibre (6mm)
Stylus Compatibility : All touch devices

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