White plastic phone bag

Consider an original communication medium to promote your services. The advertising object is very effective when it is selected according to the rules of the art. The nature and functionality of your Business Goodies are essential elements. This waterproof white plastic phone pouch is an ideal personalized promotional item.

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Every company has to establish a well-defined strategy to sell its products or services. The use of Corporate goodies has become very common during trade fairs and company events. Indeed, the promotional gift attracts a lot of people and allows companies to get known quickly.

A collection of original corporate goodies

Goodies or promotional gifts are specifically selected items on which a company has its logo, contact details or even more information about its activities written. Cadeaux Hightech, your supplier of cheap goodies, offers you a multitude of customisable items. Available in small and large quantities, the Corporate Goodies can be ordered online and you can request a free quote.

Of business goodies ideas accessible at all times

It is difficult to select the type of cheap goodies to use at the next trade show? Find on Cadeaux Hightech a waterproof phone pouch The perfect promotional gift. Made from white, clear plastic, the accessory can protect your mobile device from splashing water. It is waterproof in nature and has a velcro and adjustable 45cm long cord with a plastic cap.

Free advertising through a personalized promotional gift

Cadeaux Hightech offers a wide range of personalised promotional items. This charming phone bag is a very effective promotional item. Measuring 22.5 x 9 cm, it can be used to protect a smartphone, jewellery, a purse or other valuable objects. Thus, this Corporate goodies will be perfect for the beach, a place where the object with your logo can be seen by a large number of holidaymakers and tourists.

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