3-color telescopic aluminum pole

Purchase this 3-color aluminum telescopic pole as a promotional item / goodies. Its modern and ergonomic design makes it an ideal promotional gift for all events of the year. Its practicality is one of its greatest assets.

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Photos are memories that last forever. But it's never practical to take photos of yourself, which is why this advertisment object cheap. Indeed, offering a useful promotional item/goodies is always appreciated by customers.

A promotional item that accompanies customers on a daily basis

This telescopic aluminium pole is a promotional product that will accompany your customers on a daily basis. Photos are memories that last forever. People nowadays tend to immortalise every moment. Your customers will easily remember the existence of your company. But at the same time you will also increase the visibility of your social name. In this way, you are not only focusing on marketing objectives, but also on communication objectives. So offer a gift advertising useful and practical for your customers, which will at the same time contribute to the growth of your company. You can also choose the personalisation of your advertising object.

A corporate gift for more practicality

This telescopic boom is actually more practical than some models. First of all, it can be extended up to one metre to better frame the photos. Secondly, this promotional item can be adapted to all possible brands, whether they are big or little known. Finally, it is suitable for all sizes of smartphones. Furthermore, its very affordable price makes it a low-cost promotional item/goodie for your company. So, even in large quantities, this promotional product will not have a significant impact on your budget.

A promotional goodie that can be personalised

A personalised promotional item makes it easier for you to be seen by your customers. By putting your company name or logo on the handle of this promotional product, customers will be able to see it constantly. You can also say goodbye to plain colours for each product, you can choose between three colours to brighten up your advertising object: red, blue and black.

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