Royal capon terrine with foie gras

Combining two exceptional foods can bring out an even more exceptional product. This is the case with this terrine which combines capon with foie gras, perfect to serve as a Corporate Committee Gift..  This kind of gift will be well received, and your business will be highly regarded.

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Great cooks are always looking for new recipes by combining several surprising ingredients, like this excellent poultry with foie gras. It is a Corporate Committee Gift ideal. With the festive season upon us, it can also be the perfect employee Christmas gift.

An innovative corporate gift

A company gift will always be appreciated, but when it breaks the monotony, you can impress the works council. This gourmet terrine of capon à la royale does just that. Its taste and flavour come out very well when spread on farmhouse bread. It is therefore a good idea to include it in your works council gift catalogue.

A good idea for a company gift for the holidays

During the Christmas and New Year's holidays, family meals are the order of the day. As a corporate gift, this product is very well suited for these occasions. It can be served as a luxury aperitif by its very nature, and will amaze the taste buds of the people who will taste it. This corporate gift will become a star, and you can also become one by integrating a touch of your identity on this product. CE gift.

 A high-class employee gift

You can also prepare this terrine to make it a gift for a collaborator. By personalising it, you will touch the sensitivity of the recipients. They will feel that they have been given special consideration by you when they receive the gift. Personalised CE gifts have this kind of effect, and this is one of the reasons why they should be chosen carefully. In the case of this surprising jar, it is clear that the choice is well made.

We advise you to serve a portion of this terrine with both phases together, so that the top layer of foie gras combines with the bottom layer of capon. Always enjoy it with a nice slice of farmhouse bread.

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